I am Jamie Saint.

I articulate real skeletons and gold them in 24 Karat Gold. 

All of the skeletons are processed from cadavers by me, and are sourced from roadkill, pet donations, deaths of farm/zoo animals, and natural deaths. Nothing is killed for my work. 

I learned to process bones from Jana Miller's Bonelust Blog and much patience. I taught myself to articulate skeletons using Lee Post's "The Bone Building Books" series and much trial and error. Because I process everything myself, I am able to study animal's bones held together by muscle and cartilage. This helps me understand more and more how bones fit and work together.  

My work has been featured on VICE and Juxtapoz.com. More importantly, it is a holy process that brings peace and meaning to my life. 

I am a mother, a daughter, a loyal friend and believe in equity and freedom for all people. I currently study Biology at Rutgers University in NJ. 

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